Chestnut Hill Labradors is nestled in the far southeastern corner of Wisconsin. Located on 27 acres, it's a dream come true for the Labs here at Chestnut Hill. A five acre pond supports numerous ducks, geese, fox and deer. The quiet of the farm along with the convenience of the city only five miles away - make it a dream come true for us human occupants as well.

Over 16 years ago, I purchased my first labrador. Little did I know how that little brown bundle of fur, which I purchased for my husband's birthday, would have been so insturmental in forming my life as it is today. Her name was Zee, short for Mocha's Zenith Star. She was my best friend and confidant throughout the years and I truly treasured each day we were allowed to spend together. She crossed over the bridge in August of 2002 at the age of 15. She may be gone from my touch but will forever be in my memories and heart.

Throughout the years I have learned a tremendous amount, not only as a labrador owner, but a breeder as well. My dogs have achieved bench, hunting and obedience titles. They have excelled as service dogs, therapy dogs and seizure alert dogs. The true lasting friendships that I have formed within the labrador world throughout the years, could never have been possible if not for this wonderful breed.

My goal in life is to spend as much time as possible with my "fur kids" and promote the breed as one of the most loving, kind and gentle breeds in the world. To educate the new people coming into our loving breed that health clearances are a must on all our dogs. Whether pet or show prospect - a breeder can only improve his line when he knows the health issues of all his/her dogs. To educate owners as to the importance of spaying and neutering all of our pets. To breed structurally sound, healthy dogs which will become valued family members not only in our own homes but to all the extended families that will care for our puppies...


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